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Cegedim Video Animations

With all the excitement of internet video these days it’s no surprise to me that I would have clients asking for motion graphics production. So when Cegedim came to me, asking about making some animated shorts for their products I was really excited. Finally, the skills I gained from all of those nights of making raunchy Flash cartoons was going to pay off. Since then I’ve upgraded to using Adobe After Effects, Blender 3D, and Final Cut Pro to put together some ass-kicking movies for Cegedim's products and services.

Most of these animated shorts range from two to four minutes in length. Production time is typically six to eight weeks; depending on the complexity of the animation. Production begins when the client sends me their script. I use the script to produce a storyboard; illustrating each scene of the movie and the client reviews it for approval. The client then sends me their voiceover recordings and music to syncronize with the animation. Once all the elements are in place I can finally get to the fun stuff: staying up all night, working over the weekends, and pulling my hair out trying figure out this software. It takes a lot of time and effort to make these, but I'm always impressed with the results; and if I'm not impressed with myself I don't see why anyone else should be.

All Aboard the Rastabus

My friends over at A Day in LA Tours are expanding rapidly with their tour and party bus business. I'm glad I could help out with logos, fliers and t-shirt designs. Check out for the best time you could ask for in Los Angeles.

Auto Detailer Gets Some Polish

My buddy Moe, the head detailing artist at Glistening Perfection, asked me to spruce up his website a bit with some new photos and streamlined layout. The result is a site as clean as the cars that roll out of his shop. Be sure to check out his video too; It gives you insight as to why this is much more than an ordinary car wash.

Product Photo Explosion

I was enlisted by Jill at Labeltronix to take product shots for their portfolio (and subsequently my own portfolio). I had taken shots for them before, but I was pretty limited on lighting and set equipment back then, so it was nothing really portfolio worthy. They had over forty bottled products to shoot; most of which were wine and nutraceutical.

The best part of this job was: we only had one day to shoot it.

I called up Linda Briney, a friend and an excellent, reliable photographer, to help with the set, and Damion brought his fancy paper collection for the backdrops. We set up in their showroom in the morning got down to business. There was little pre-planning involved. So, we just had to grab a bottle, wipe the dust off, match it with some paper, shoot, and on to the next. It was a challenge to keep the pace up and stay creative, but between the four of us there were enough ideas floating around to get what we were looking for.

Overall, it was a hugely successful shoot that we'll all benefit from.

Check out the Product section of the Photo page to see the results.

Flora Leather

I’ve been helping my friend Tim build a website for his leather craft business. He’s making small lighter pockets, wallets, and other items with custom, engraved artwork on the sides. I take photos of his products and post them on the website, and he buys me lunch. It’s a pretty good trade off... I guess. Well, what are friends for?

Doing the photo shoots for these products has been a lot of fun. Every shot is an adventure. We’ll take a pile of debris from the corner of his garage and turn it into a set; grab a leather jacket or an old blanket and use it for a backdrop. I’m learning that photography doesn’t have to be so expensive if you use your imagination.

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